Name - Recognition - Grades - Etc.


1. To create a Public Pankido Dojo (PuPD), you need to be a certified Pankido Kyu Grade Holder (minimum Ikkyu or 1st Kyu) or a certified Pankido Dan Grade Holder (minimum Shodan or 1st Dan). 


2. Before the creation of your Public Pankido Dojo, you have to get the 1st Kyu Grade (Ikkyu) or the 1st Dan Grade (Shodan) under a  Pankido teacher (in a Private Pankido Dojo or in an another Public Pankido Dojo) ; or throughout the Pankido Online Graduation System (P.O.G.S).

3. A Public Pankido Dojo is a visible Training Location in which you practice and are supposed to teach Pankido to a large number of persons. 

4. A Public Pankido Dojo is an official and a fully recognized and registered Pankido Dojo with an official name (chosen by yourself) and an official registration number given by the historical World Pankido Federation (WPF-1997).

5. The registration full name of a Public Pankido Dojo must contain the « Pankido Dojo » term, and is after this format : ex. Santa Monica Ultimate Pankido Dojo N° 20, John Smith Pankido Dojo N° 21, etc.

6. The number given to the PrPD is a lifetime one and you never loose it.

7. The annual fee for a Public Pankido Dojo is 50€ (58$).

8. The annual fee for a PrPD member (including the head instructor of the PuPD) is 10€ (12$).

9. Because a PuPD is a recognized Training Location, we demand that security rules and friendship be the basis of its philosophy. 

10. All members of a PuPD can (and are encouraged to) get Kyu Grades and Dan Grades under the teacher of the PuPD (if the teacher fulfils the requirements).

11. After registration by the World Pankido Federation, the PuPD will receive a certificate of Certified Dojo.

12. The Grade Issuing System in a Private Pankido Dojo (before reading, be sure you have well understood the Pankido Gades/Belts System - click here) :

- If you run your PuPD with a Ikkyu Grade (Red Belt with Five Black Strips - Brown Belt in other Martial Arts systems), you can deliver from Gokyu Grade to Nikyu Grade.

- If you run your PuPD with a Shodan Grade (Red Belt with One Gold Strip - Black Belt 1st in other Martial Arts systems), you can deliver a Ikkyu Grade.

- If you run your PuPD with a Nidan Grade (Red Belt with Two Gold Trips - Black Belt 2nd in other Martial Arts Systems), you can deliver a Shodan Grade.

- Etc.

As soon as you get the Shodan Grade, you can act to become a certified teacher (Instructor Certificate or Full Instructor Certificate) of the World Pankido Federation.

All Grades (Kyu and Dan) in a PuPD must be recognized and certified by the World Pankido Federation.

The teacher  must act in order to register the grades he delivers to his students. 

After the payment of the fees, the World Pankido Federation will send to the PuPD the Grades certiticates (one Grade certificate per each gradued student).